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Reviews and Eye Spy II

I  have now reached the third chapter of Eye Spy II, provisionally entitled The Haunted Priory, in which Alex and Donna go ghost-hunting, and am having great fun researching ghost-hunting techniques and stories of paranormal activity on the internet. Even Wikipedia has information on “Ghost-hunting” and “Paranormal”.You can also find plenty of photos of spectral figures on the internet – but why are so many of them ladies going up or down stairs? It all makes for fascinating reading and I can see I’m really going to enjoy writing this story!

And if you haven’t read Eye Spy yet, here’s a great review from Amazon UK to whet your appetite:

“5.0 out of 5 stars, Beautifully written children’s adventure.

I read this on the train before passing it on to my 9 year-old daughter who is half way through and really enjoying it. What seems like a simple tale becomes an unravelling of family secrets, seen from the children’s perspective. This makes for an exciting finish, but also Eye Spy is thought provoking in the way it touches on relationships between family and community. Highly recommended!”

Eye Spy has also received four stars from a reviewer on Goodreads. You can see that review here.