Family History

Are you interested in researching your family history? I have been investigating the history of my own and my husband’s families for many years now, and I’ve discovered some fabulous characters. It’s the ideal hobby for anyone who likes reading detective stories, because you are continuously following a trail and uncovering unexpected mysteries. Were your ancestors publicans or shopkeepers? Did they work in the armed forces or nurse the sick? Did they commit a crime and suffer transportation to Australia, or lose their job and end up in the workhouse? You never know what you are going to uncover once you start looking.


When I started researching my husband Gwyn’s Welsh family, the Morgan Walters of Gilfach, Glamorgan, all I had to go on were the many stories his mother had told me about her parents and grandparents. Her father, in particular, seemed to have had some very famous and powerful friends, even though he seldom left South Wales. I’ve spent fifteen years trying to find out the truth behind the family legends, and I’ve now started a blog: which tells the story of how I gradually uncovered the secrets of this fascinating family.


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