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A fully updated and revised edition of this book was published by the Sheldon Press in February 2017, price £9.99. It’s available from Sheldon, Amazon and all good booksellers.

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, way back in 1988, there were no medical treatments available for the condition.  Patients who had a bad relapse were given steroids to stabilize their condition, but the response to anyone who, like me, had the progressive form of the illness was often “Come back and see us when you need a wheelchair.”

Luckily I’ve never been the sort of person who accepts the orthodox view without question, especially where medicine is concerned. I wasn’t prepared to believe that there was nothing I could do to help myself, especially since I already used herbal medicine and osteopathy regularly, and had improved my general health by omitting foods which I felt disagreed with me, such as milk, caffeine and chocolate.

The consultant had suggested that I read as much as I could about MS, to prepare myself for what lay ahead. I looked for information in the local library, and I came across Judy Graham’s book Multiple Sclerosis – a Self-help Guide (now revised and updated as ‘Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally‘). It provided a clear explanation of what diet, exercise and lifestyle changes could do to help people with MS. I had found the right advice just when I needed it most.

I discussed my diet with a doctor who specialized in Nutritional medicine, and he identified a few more food intolerances and suggested regular supplementation with vitamins and minerals. I then looked for an exercise regime I could manage, bearing in mind that I could no longer run, or even walk very far. I settled on weightlifting, which I did regularly for the next three and a half years. The combination of diet and exercise helped me to stabilize my condition, so that by 1994 my MS was no longer progressing. In fact, one neurologist who examined me in 2004 was so surprised I was not getting any worse, that he suggested the MS had ‘burned itself out’. It wasn’t until 2007, after I had a bad fall and broke my leg, that some of my symptoms started to worsen. I put this long period of stability solely down to my diet and exercise regime.

I wrote The Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book because I wanted to share what I had learned about nutritional therapy with other people who had been diagnosed with MS, in the hope that they too could benefit from changing their diet. The book covers the basics of healthy eating, identifying food intolerances and the uses of supplementation, and describes some of the diets advocated for people with MS. It also includes many simple recipes, together with sample menu plans.

Since the book was published in 2007, doctors with MS such as George Jelinek in Australia and Terry Wahls in the USA, have started to advocate diet as a treatment for MS. Although they each suggest a slightly different diet, both have found nutritional medicine more effective in their own case than the currently available drugs, and both now lead busy, healthy lives. These two new diets have been incorporated into the revised edition of the book.

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